425 Haaland Drive . Suite 105 . Thousand Oaks . California
At the Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital Campus

We are very excited about our new office and the approach to care that it makes possible.

The office was designed from the ground up to provide a pleasant non-clinical atmosphere, with the most comprehensive clinical system available today.
This system, which uses computer and Internet technology to manage office procedures and patient records, is known as EMR, or electronic medical records. Fewer than 15% of the medical offices today are equipped with this technology, and we are proud to be among those advanced medical practices.

While some may be concerned that the use of computer technology may depersonalize care, just the opposite is true. EMR allows the Doctor and her staff to improve care by maintaining more thorough medical histories, and increasing accuracy in lab tracking and drug management.

We look forward to seeing you in our new office!